Pfizer, Moderna, and BioNTech, were all founded by immigrants

The three pharmaceutical companies that are getting ready to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine, Pfizer, Moderna, and BioNTech, were all founded by immigrants. In a recent speech, Vice President Mike Pence failed to acknowledge the work of immigrants and international partnerships in the development of the vaccine. Pence stated, “Only In America could you see that kind of innovation that’s resulted in the development of a vaccine in record time.” See here: Ironically, under the Trump administration’s policies, the immigrant-founded and immigrant-led companies, Pfizer and Moderna, would not have been able to excel in America.
“According to data compiled by the New American Economy Research Fund, immigrants account for nearly 25% of all workers in pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing nationwide, as well as more than a quarter of all physicians.” See more here: We will have COVID-19 vaccines because of immigrants and global partnerships.

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