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Áreas de Práctica

En nuestra firma GTILG, entendemos que las cuestiones de inmigración son más que sólo un caso – es acerca de su futuro. Si su negocio está creciendo, o está construyendo una familia, o luchando contra deportación, nos enfocamos en encontrar la solución perfecta y trabajamos con Usted en cada paso.

y Familias

Sea que esté intentando arreglar su caso de inmigración, o reunirse con un miembro de su familia en el extranjero, el equipo GTILG le puede ofrecer una amplia gama de soluciones para su problema.


de Deportación

Los abogados de GTILG fundaron su firma basándose en su dedicación y compromiso en parar deportaciones a través de las estrategias legales más nuevas e innovadoras, y de colaboración.


El Equipo GTH

What We Do

  • Scenario 1:
    You’re here on the Visa Waiver Program from Italy looking at different options for starting your own business. You’re not quite sure where to begin – you need to find an office space, come up with a business plan, figure out how to structure your corporation, and who you want working with you and for you. We can help put you in touch with the right professionals to assist you in forming your business and recommend different visa options to suit the needs of you, your family, and your colleagues and employees. We can work with you every step of the way, adapting your immigration strategy to fit the needs of your growing business.
  • Scenario 2:
    You have been in the United States for a long time – ten, maybe fifteen years. You were supposed to go to immigration court way back when you first arrived, but you were understandably scared, and you missed your hearing. You know you must have a removal or deportation order that could come back to haunt you at any moment. On the other hand, your life has changed drastically since you first arrived here. Maybe you have started a family, a business, or completed your education in the United States. Maybe the government of your home country has changed too, and you or your family would now be in danger upon returning. With all you have accomplished, you want to do the right thing and see what steps you can take to correct your immigration status. We can help you go through all your options, outlining the potential benefits and the risks.
  • Scenario 3:
    You are a United States citizen. While your spouse has been in this country for a long time, he or she has no lawful status here. You are building a family, and your spouse’s immigration status constantly interferes with your family’s ability to make plans for your future. It affects his or her ability to travel, obtain a driver’s license, and work lawfully. We can help you assess whether your spouse would qualify for waiver that would allow him or her to adjust status to permanent residence.
  • Scenario 4:
    You came to the United States lawfully, established your life here, and are now looking to bring family members here. You want to know exactly what options you have and how long the process may take. You need assistance in navigating the consular post. We can help guide you through the immigrant visa process and bring you closer to your loved ones.

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