Your immigration concerns are more than just a petition or court case. They are questions that affect the most critical aspects of you and your family’s future. At Gian-Grasso & Tomczak Immigration Law Group, we understand that your immigration issue is more than just a case – it is about the future of what you hold most dear. As a result, we focus on what matters most to you…protecting you and your family from having to abandon the life that you have built in this country.

Attorneys Brennan Gian-Grasso and Kimberly Tomczak recognize the importance of your case and are committed to giving you direct and clear advice on how to address your immigration issue and protect your family.

We will aggressively fight for you before immigration so that your rights are respected and you get the relief you need. So please, contact us today for a full consultation or schedule an appointment. We look forward to fighting for you!
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